Cub Scout Pack 499 provides multiple ways for scouts to participate in fundraising events to help pay their own way.

A Scout is THRIFTY

A scout saves for the future, protects/conserves natural resources, and carefully uses time/property.

Popcorn Sales

Fundraising - Popcorn Sales - Cub Scout Pack 499Every fall, September -October, Cub Scout Pack 499 participates in popcorn show and sell. All scouts have the opportunity to sell Trails End fundraiser popcorn. This is done in front of a store as a group, or as an individual with parent supervision. 30% of all sales go directly to Cub Scout Pack 499 to cover registration fees, dues, and the cost of awards and activities. 40% of the sales goes to the area council to finance the upkeep of our scouting campsites.

Cake Auction

Fundraising - Cake Auction - Cub Scout Pack 499Pack 499 host the Great Scouting Cake Auction. Cub Scouts and parents have a chance to show off their culinary skills and creativity through cake design. Family and friends are invited to bid on the creations in a lively auction. Things get pretty wild! All proceeds go directly to the unit to cover volunteer expenses and to fund Cub Scout Pack 499’s scholarship program.

Camp Card Sales

Fundraising - Camp Card Sales - Cub Scout Pack 499Each spring our pack participates in camp card sales. Camp cards are discount cards that provide savings to over 10 retailers in the area. 50% of the sales go directly to each scout. The funds are used to pay for the day and resident camps, uniforms, camping supplies and any scout related expense.